Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The death of fishing on my local canal

Hi guys,
I walked down my local canal today (basingstoke canal) to test our new HD camcorder that we will now use to record our videos and just to have a general look to see if i could find any chunks. I started fishing when i was four on a local river, then, when i was 9 i started to want to catch bigger fish. It was then i discovered 'carp', described by isaac newton as being the queen of the lakes and rivers and supposedly 'uncatchable'. I gradually got into carp fishing via commercial fisheries catching what i call now 'pasties' but obviously then they were monsters to me, and now i am fishing some of the most famous lakes in the country. So, getting back to the canal, when i was young i can remember seeing the surface of the water in the summer littered with fish. I can remember seeing easily 4-5 mid doubles every hundred yards and now this  seems to be 1-2 fish every MILE. This upsets me a little, as today i spoke to canal authorites officer who says they have a serious poaching problem and he admits they hardly do anything about it.  Canals, as fisheries are terribly underatted because they hold some 'hidden gems' like big bream (as i saw today) and some cracking pike. Me being a dedicated carp angler sees it sad that there very little carp in my canal. Obviously this doesnt mean that this is the same across the country, canals in different areas may still be teaming with fish. Due to some restoration work to a lock in my area, a section of the canal has had to be drained so this means that no barges/boat have been unable to travel the whole length of the canal, so nobody bothers to drive there boats on there at all. Because of this, the aquarius vegetation has grown dramatically and has seen my local canal turn into a haven for fish, but why aren't they there? Who knows? Tell me about your canals on my youtube page. Hope you enjoyed.

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